National Graphic Novel Writing Month
2014 Session - TBD

The objective: To complete as much work as possible on a graphic novel during the month of August.

The rules guidelines:

Before August 1st:

  • Sign up as a participant and get on the participants list.
  • Choose your goal for August (either number of pages or level of completeness). 
  • Start working on scripts, layouts, sketches, etc. 
  • (Ideally) No working on final pages until Aug 1st. 

During August:

Completing a graphic novel in only a month, while not impossible, is not a very practical goal (48 pages is generally considered the minimum length for a graphic novel). So participants are encouraged to set their own goal before the month begins. Think about your artistic abilities and habits, as well as your schedule, as you select a goal. Here are a few suggested “paths”:

(Note: “completed” here means inked and lettered, if you’re hand-lettering)

*Penciller Path: Don’t worry about inking or lettering your pages just yet, just work on the pencils of your final pages. Goal: 48 pencilled pages

*Going For It Path: Hey, if the idea of getting a whole graphic novel done in just a month appeals to you, go for it! Goal: 48 completed pages

*Page-a-Day Path: If you can manage a page a day, you will be more than halfway done with a 48-page novel by the end of the month. Goal: 30 completed pages

*Quarter-master path: For those who prefer quality over quantity (or just for those who are busy). Goal: 12 completed pages

*Planner Path: If for whatever reason you didn’t get a chance to do much sketching or scripting before August 1st, take this month and use it to plan out your graphic novel. Goal: Have 48+ pages completely scripted with layouts/thumbnails.

*Choose Your Own Adventure: You’re free to set a different page/completeness goal from the above paths. You are also free to not have a goal and see what you can get done (though many of us work better with parameters and deadlines in place).

Determining Recognition

If you want to, at the end of August, you can report what you completed for Nagranowrimo and it will be posted next to your name on the participants list. 


Question/comments/concerns are welcome, but please check out the FAQs first.