National Graphic Novel Writing Month
June 2014

The objective: To complete as much work as possible on a graphic novel during the month of June.

The rules guidelines:

Before June 1st:

  • Sign up as a participant and get on the participants list.
  • Choose your goal for the month(either number of pages or level of completeness). 
  • Start working on scripts, layouts, sketches, etc. 
  • (Ideally) No working on final pages until June1st. 

During June:

The Nagranowrimo doesn’t set a “one-size-fits-all” goal for the month. Instead participants are encouraged to set their own goal before the month begins. Think about your artistic abilities and habits, as well as your schedule, as you set a goal. Ideally, the goal you decide for yourself should be challenging but NOT overwhelming!

Set a goal by determining:

  1. how many pages do you want to have at the end of the month?
  2. how “finished” do you want those pages?

Generally, 48 pages considered is the minimum length of a graphic novel, but for Nagranowrimo participants, a much more attainable goal would be 24 pages or even 12 pages.

You can also decide how “finished” you want your pages to be. Maybe for now you want to focus on just getting pencils finalized, or maybe you want to ink and letter, or go all out and have colored pages. Decide the best goal for you.

Alternately, since graphic novels require a fair amount of planning before you can start a finished page, you may choose to take this month to write out a script and work on layout thumbnails.

Or you can just start without a set goal and see how much you get done.

This is your time and effort so use it as you see fit!

Determining Recognition

If you want to, at the end of June, you can report what you completed for Nagranowrimo and it will be posted next to your name on the participants list. 


Question/comments/concerns are welcome, however please check out the FAQs and see if your question hasn’t already been addressed.