National Graphic Novel Writing Month
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hi, I'm interested in starting a webcomic. I've been developing this idea for a story over the last couple years and now I think I'd like to make it into a comic. only I'm not sure if I should make it into a comic because I've never posted my art online or anything so I'm worried about art theft?? and I'm still in high school so I'm not sure how busy I would be or if being a high school student would hinder me as a webcomic creator in any way? idk sorry do you have any advice at all? thank you!
nagranowrimo nagranowrimo Said:


There’s a post around here about discouraging art theft, let me see… [here].

Being in highschool means you don’t have time to sit and draw all day. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun personal side project going on in your free time. You have weekends and holidays.

Also, if you do start a webcomic, remember that you are not obligated to update on time every day at a rigid schedule. Some webcomics update three times a week, others three times a month. I [follow a comic] that updates only a few times a year, though those updates are entire full colour chapters.

If anyone gives you hell about your update schedule just remember that you don’t owe anyone a thing. You’re doing it for fun because it’s something you wanna do. (And it’s perfectly OK to stop wanting to at any point, even after only one page.)

Should you start? Only if you want to. If you have a story you wanna tell, and you also want to practice your art, it’s a great way of doing both. Don’t worry about being good enough to draw it, or if it’s been done before. If you feel like doing it, then just go for it :D

Ctrl+Paint is a free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Each bite-sized video covers a different concept, allowing you to learn complex subjects in manageable increments.

(I went through your “drawing courses” tag and didn’t see this, so thought I’d submit it ^^)

Amazing free resource for anyone looking to create art digitally.

Hey all! I am looking to finalize a month for Nagranowrimo 2014. If you would please take a few seconds and vote in this poll. it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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I'm sorry if this is answered somewhere, but I couldn't find it, so Is there a set time for nagranowrimo 2014/is there going to be a nagranowrimo 2014?
nagranowrimo nagranowrimo Said:

Yes there will be a Nagranowrimo, but the month hasn’t been decided yet. It’s hard because there simply isn’t one month that will work for everyone. I would like to hold it in April, May, or June. April is awfully close and there’s going to be a Camp Nanowrimo session (a kind of looser version of Nanowrimo). May is far enough out for me to prepare and promote better, but it’s also end of the US school year so I worry that would prevent people from participating. June is definitely far enough out to prepare but it feels almost too far away, and I think it would be nice to hold a 2nd session in the fall.

So yeah, any feedback on the best month is appreciated!


Something different this week: X-WEAR THROUGH THE AGES!

Who hasn’t put A LOT of thought into what uniform they’d get to wear when their mutant powers manifest? I know I’m not alone here! What’s your favorite?

Prints at Society6!

It’s interesting to see how the X-Men costumes have changed (and are often very much a reflection of the times)


!! Woah guys! Pixelovely’s new tools are finally out, one for hands & feet, and one for faces!

There’s now 429 photos of hands & feet, and 314 photos of faces. Dang!!

This is super cool news and I certainly can’t wait to start using them haha

I’ve got tons of tutorials on hands, feet and faces in their relevant tags, so be sure to check those out too nwn

If you don’t already have Pixelovely bookmarked, now’s the time!

(via art-reference)


A handout I made for a coloring workshop I’m teaching tomorrow at CCS.  TEACHING HERE IS SO MUCH FUN ALL THE TIME OMG OMG


Are you still stuck for ideas for National Novel Writing Month? Or are you working on a novel at a more leisurely pace? Here are 102 resources on Character, Point of View, Dialogue, Plot, Conflict, Structure, Outlining, Setting, and World Building, plus some links to generate Ideas and Inspiration.


10 Days of Character Building

Name Generators

Name Playground

The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Priming the idea pump (A character checklist shamlessly lifted from acting)

How to Create a Character

Seven Common Character Types

Handling a Cast of Thousands – Part I: Getting to Know Your Characters

It’s Not What They Say …

Establishing the Right Point of View: How to Avoid “Stepping Out of Character”

How to Start Writing in the Third Person

Web Resources for Developing Characters

What are the Sixteen Master Archetypes?

Character: A compilation of guidance from classical and contemporary experts on creating great dramatic characters

Building Fictional Characters

Fiction Writer’s Character Chart

Character Building Workshop

Tips for Characterization

Fiction Writer’s Character Chart

Villains are People, Too, But …

Top 10 Tips for Writing Dialogue

Speaking of Dialogue

Dialogue Tips

Advantages, Disadvantages and Skills (character traits)

How to Write a Character Bible

Character Development Exercises

All Your Characters Sounds the Same — And They’re Not a Hivemind!

Medieval Names Archive

Sympathy Without Saintliness

Writing the Other: Bridging Cultural Difference for Successful Fiction

Family Echo (family tree website)

Interviewing Characters: Follow the Energy

100 Character Development Questions for Writers

Behind the Name

Lineage Chart Layout Generator


How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method

Effectively Outlining Your Plot

Conflict and Character within Story Structure

Outlining Your Plot

Ideas, Plots & Using the Premise Sheets

How to Write a Novel

Creating Conflict and Sustaining Suspense

Plunge Right In … Into Your Story, That Is!

Fiction Writing Tips: Story Grid

Tips for Creating a Compelling Plot

Writer’s “Cheat Sheets”

The Thirty-six (plus one) Dramatic Situations

The Evil Overlord Devises a Plot: Excerpt from Stupid Plotting Tricks

Conflict Test

What is Conflict?


The Hero’s Journey: Summary of the Steps

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes

Plotting Without Fears

Novel Outlining 101

Writing the Perfect Scene

Fight Scenes 101

Basic Plots in Literature

One-Page Plotting

The Great Swampy Middle


Magical World Builder’s Guide

I Love the End of the World

World Building 101

The Art of Description: Eight Tips to Help You Bring Your Settings to Life

Creating the Perfect Setting – Part I

Creating a Believable World

An Impatient Writer’s Approach to Worldbuilding

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions


Character and Setting Interactions

Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

Creating Fantasy Worlds

Questions About Worldbuilding

Maps Workshop — Developing the Fictional World Through Mapping

World Builder Projects


Quick Story Idea Generator

Solve Your Problems Simply by Saying Them Out Loud

Busting Your Writing Rut

Writing Inspiration, or Sex on a Bicycle

Creative Acceleration: 11 Tips to Engineer a Productive Flow

The Seven Major Beginner Mistakes

Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits

Free Association, Active Imagination, Twilight Imaging

Random Book Title Generator

Finishing Your Novel

Story Starters and Idea Generators


How to Rewrite

One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle

Editing Recipe

Cliche Finder

Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written

Writing 101: So You Want to Write a Novel Part 3: Revising a Novel


My Writing Nook (online text editor; free) (online mind map application; free)

Freemind (mind map application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

XMind (mind map application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

Liquid Story Binder (novel organization and writing software; free trial, $45.95; Windows, portable)

Scrivener (novel organization and writing software; free trial, $39.95; Mac)

SuperNotecard (novel organization and writing software; free trial, $29; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

yWriter (novel organization and writing software; free; Windows, Linux, portable)

JDarkRoom (minimalist text editor; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

AutoRealm (map creation software; free; Windows, Linux with Wine)

Although these are for fiction writers I imagine many of these resources can be used for graphic novel creating.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why are you so angry? My 7 year old wanted info on how to draw an owl so we went on line. You had posted a picture that said 'draw some circles then draw the rest of the fucking owl.' Instead of a pleasant afternoon drawing, we had to have a discussion about mean spirited people AGAIN. Embrace your anger, please. Stop spreading it around to people who have never done you any harm. Thank you.
nagranowrimo nagranowrimo Said:

Okay … really not sure if this is serious. I did link to the image in question once upon a time in this post but I’m not sure how anyone would find from this blog searching for “how to draw an owl”. Also that image is pretty widely distributed and clearly meant to be a joke.

I’ve posted hundreds of pictures and links of (hopefully) useful tutorials and resources and I’m sorry you found one of the 3 or so that were meant to provide a little humor to the whole drawing process.

Anyway, here’s a non-snarky profanity free Owl anatomy tutorial.

The Gap - Ira Glass (This American Life) makes a very good point about being a beginner in a creative field.